My Makeup Story Tag

It's time for another tag video!

I was tagged by Scared Toast to do this tag

Posts & vids mentioned in the video:
Outfit post I did with this look
Wanderlust jewellery post
LFW blog

What I'm wearing:
Dress / Poppy Lux
Top Necklace, ring & Large bracelet / Wanderlust Jewellery
Small bracelet / The Bohemian Co
Lower Necklace / Idle Hands Jewellery
Lipstick / Limecrime "Poisonberry

Tag Questions:
1. When did you first start getting into make up?
2. What was the first make up you bought?
3. What is the newest/oldest items in your collection? (SO annoyed I didn't see the typo in this video until it was too late!)
4. Who is your celebrity make up idol?
5. Who is your favourite YouTube guru?
6. What is a look/trend that you wish you could pull off?
7. Any make up disasters?
8. What's your favourite make up brand?
9. What is your favourite make up tip/trick that you wish you knew sooner?
10. Which 5 products could you not live without?

My 5 products from question 10:

I tag:

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