Laura Geller Spackle Primer

First photo:
Primer c/o / FeelUnique
Lipstick / Mac "Honey Love"
Foundation / Tarte
"Perfect" Lashes c/o / FoxyLocks (use "FoxyLeanne" for a free gift with your order)

Last photo:
Primer c/o / FeelUnique
Topshop Lipstick "Honk" c/o FeelUnique
Foundation / Tarte
"Perfect" Lashes c/o / FoxyLocks (use "FoxyLeanne" for a free gift with your order)

FeelUnique now stocks Laura Geller Beauty! A name I'd not heard of personally before, but I'm keen now to try more products after using this primer!
It claims to help your makeup glow with it's added shimmer, I wasn't really that sure if it would work, I'm also a primer snob and wasn't sure how long it would makeup my makeup last.

I opted for my Tarte foundation, I adore this, but it usually doesn't last all day on me, even with my Smashbox primer so this was a test! It actually lasted longer, which I'm delighted at as this is cheaper than my everyday primer! It's £24 for 59ml of product compared to Smashbox is £25 for only 30ml. By the end of the day I was a little shiny at the sides of my nose, but I didn't mind too much.

In person I wasn't sure if my skin looked any different, but I did feel in pictures my skin looked more glowy, check the two pictures I added, I feel I look more radiant than normal, do you agree?

I love the box the primer comes in, it's so pretty with it's almost rose gold finish, the actual product doesn't look as fancy, but hey I guess that helps it be a little more affordable?

I made sure I only used a small amount at a time on my face with this primer, it glided on smoothly, I didn't feel my face looked that sparkly, it seemed it collected on my fingers anyway. I also applied my foundation with my fingers so I guess that helps make sure you use all the product :) It says this is the tinted champagne version, but it made so difference in the colour of my skin.

Have you used an Laura Geller makeup? If so which would you recommend?

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  1. You skin does look radiant after using this, it looks really interesting, I'm quite tempted to try this out as my benefit primer has run out xxx

  2. Id love to try this primer! it looks lovely

  3. I'm currently using MUA's pro base primer which is surprisingly amazing, but even though this is much more expensive I am going to buy this and do a comparison :)

  4. omg your makeup is flawless xx

  5. I am INLOVE with the Laura Geller Balance and Brighten Foundation, it was my go-to foundation in 2014, I would totally repurchase it again once its ran out (had mine nearly 6months)
    Loving the look of this primer - may have to purchase!

  6. I need to try this! I can't find a primer that I absolutely love! Might have to purchase this :D xx


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