Topshop Beauty

 Nail Varnish c/o / FeelUnique
Lip Polish in "Honk" c/o / FeelUnique
Magic Liner c/o / FeelUnique

I've use a few Topshop Beauty products in the past, I'm in love with my highlighting glow stick, lipstick in shade "All about me" and have several of their nail varnishes too, those products are all of great quality and value.

Straight away I painted my nails, clear top coat first, then off I went with this beautifully dark brown/red shade, although I cannot see a name for this colour unfortunately on the packaging! I applied two coats for the perfect streak free final colour.

I've only tried a few lipsticks by Topshop, and those were just the normal matte finishes. This was is called a lip polish, interesting name I thought. I LOVE this formula! Really pigmented, glides on smoothly, it's creamy without feeling too heavy or sticky. I really want to try more colours in this formula as it stayed so well and didn't try out my lips.

The eyeliner I've yet to try, but have heard good things! I had one once in a goodie bag but it was so try I threw it away. Reading the directions though, it says to store nip down. I do really like felt liners so I am excited to try this, I'm just quite a snob!

Have you ever tired Topshop Beauty? If so which are your favourite products?

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  1. Love that nail colour, I'm looking for a new eyeliner so let us know how this one works out I've never tried any topshop products before but I hear really great things about them xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  2. Oh, love all the beauty product! Especially those eye liner .

  3. Topshop do some amazing make up products. That nail shade is gorgeous x

  4. I'm having some serious nail envy right now! Beautiful color

    xx E∆

  5. I love the magic liner! It's one of my favourites. This nail colour is gorgeous too. Topshop do some lovely lipstick shades and they're pretty good quality too.

  6. I have been scared of trying Topshops makeup, I have tried there nail vanishes and loved them but I think I would rather stick to makeup brands when it comes to makeup

  7. I really do need to try Topshop makeup, I've seen nothing but good reviews so I think it's time I gave in and just got some! That nail varnish and lip colour looks beautiful.

    Beka. xo

  8. Nail varnish shade is gorgeous!



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