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Don't know about you, but I love the whole process of getting ready for a night out. From deciding what clothes to wear, which bag to take out, playing around with my hair/makeup and then finding the perfect heels to complete the whole look. Sometimes I do go out in flat shoes, I guess it depends on who I'm going out with or the venue we're going out to. But there are most definitely times I want to strut my stuff, I don't know, there's just a different way you walk when you're in heels isn't there.

And even before going out, I love the build up of excitement up to the night. Deciding whether to buy a new dress, top or heels, asking everyone what they'll be wearing too. There's something so nice to treating yourself to a new pair of heels, I tend to splurge more on shoes than clothes even though I already have far too many, but it cannot be helped and nights out are the perfect time to wear them!

Above Tops. Left / Right

So you're ready, your makeup is "on fleek" as they say. Your new heels are on and you want your feet to last in them the longest they can. I used to bring flats in my bag, but sometimes I want a cute little bag and now as I carry a portable battery I don't have as much space. So book that taxi, plan your night so you aren't walking too much. Taxi to the bar, even taxi to the next club if you have to. 
This was what Next's new shoe collection launch event was all about. I got picked up in style, a private car with my name even on it! The venue wasn't actually far, 11 minute walk according to Google Maps, but that's calculated for flat shoes I'm sure! So I was very thankful for the ride there as I had hours ahead of me looking at pretty shoes, drinking cocktails and mingling with other bloggers, a hard night right, aha!
What I wore:
Top / JeansShoes / Bag

So tell me all about the new collection I hear you cry! Well, Next have stepped up their game with this collection, very fashion-forward, can really see catwalk trends in the mix. I photographed a few of my faves above, but there really are so many more amazing ones. I think it's great how they've considered different styles, from metallic loafers, faux pony hair pumps, strappy stilettos, chunky velvet heels and even 90's style patent stomper boots, really something for everyone! Tempted by the ones I've shown? See the rest here!

It wasn't only shoes they had on display, there was also beauty, jewellery and handbags. My beautiful embroidered bag, from Next obviously, was the centre of one display. I was told by the girls at Next they were asked so much if it was from them, and also it keeps selling out so if you want it, be sure to grab it quick! See all their amazing bags here!

I mingled through the night with not only people I knew, but also others I'd not met before. Cocktails were flowing, I was in good company with plenty of canap├ęs being offered through out the night, so I was having a grand old time!

At the end of the night I taxied home, naturally, totally embracing the #ProjectTaxi theme of the night. I dare you to do the same. Go out in your chicest of shoes, dance away the night, taxi home and take off your heels, sit with the girls or text them all about how good the night was!

What's your night out footwear of choice?

Photos are a mix of mine & also by Oscar May.

This post was kindly sponsored by Next.

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