Pastel Frills

Jumper / Topshop
Riding Pants / American Apparel
Vivienne Westwood necklace / Catfish
Bird Skull necklace / Empty Casket
Frill socks / Topshop
Chelsea boots / Topshop

Finally I have a splash of colour in my outfit! If you follow me on instagram you will have noticed that for a long time now my outfits have been very monochrome! I'm falling in love with pastel green shades again, this was a favourite of mine last summer, as I loved it with my then pink hair! In the summer I'm thinking of going a pastel shade again, but this time maybe a more chalky less vibrant colour, what are your thoughts?

So last week I only walked into Topshop with the intention to browse, not thinking I would shop at all, as there really wasn't anything I wanted on their website. However I did shop! I just love their crop tops, even this cropped jumper, I had to have it and well.. I didn't own any cropped jumpers! They look so lovely with all the high waisted things I wear! This is one of the items I shall be featuring in my collective haul this week on Youtube, I have quite a few videos planned as I have a free week! If you don't want to miss any, please subscribe to my channel!

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