Ride It Like You Stole It

Hat / I knitted myself
Tee / c/o Phixclothing, by Abandon Ship Apparel
Necklaces / Empty Casket and Topshop
Heels / c/o Loveclothing
Levis / Loveclothing
Belt / Topshop

An outfit post with a little taster of items that I will be featuring on my youtube channel this week. There are going to be two hauls! If you follow me on instagram or read my previous post, you will have seen me mention there will be a Topshop/collective haul. This will feature obviously Topshop items and also some from Loveclothing.com and Primark. Those sky high heels in my outfit are part of the second haul! The first will feature items I was sent by Phixclothing.com, this top was one of my favourites and I just had to wear it today!

The Abandon Ship Apparel brand is for both men and women. I own two Abandon Ship Apparel tees already, I would definitely recommend them, they are affordable, retailing £24.

Those shoes were such a bargain, only £27 from Loveclothing.com, yet on Missguided.com they are £40.99! They are so easy to walk in due to the platform, and such a nice shape! I actually prefer their shape over the real Jeffrey Campbell Big Litas!

I'm really looking forward to showing you all the wonderful items from the hauls, as I know hauls are popular amongst a lot of you, I'm a sucker for watching them too! I will also do a blog post for each haul for those who aren't keen on listening to my voice and watching me blab on! It will also give me an opportunity to talk more in depth about each item, its quality, how I would wear it etc and not have to worry about making a crazy long video!

I love this knitted hat I'm wearing, which I made myself! I've been thinking of selling some in the near future, along with knitted bracelets and crocheted collars, would anyone be interested? 

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