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Look at the lovely items I received from Phixclothing.com

First lets start with this Neon Noon camo jacket, I just love it's shape, the cinched in waist gives it a more feminine look, and the spiked shoulders add an edge to the popular camo trend. I've seen so many camo styles, brands like Ragged Priest are the first I think of. One of their popular camo jackets had studded shoulders and denim sleeves. Phixclothing do one similar, with the added attention to detail with camo also on the cuffs. Moving away from camo, they do other customised military jackets, parkas, denim jackets, and jumpers! Check out all styles here.

This light jacket will be perfect for edging up an outfit, I would wear it on top of sleeveless items, vests, sleeveless turtle necks, dresses, boob tubes etc. On the bottom half this would look perfect with disco pants, riding pants, and for the warmer months, shorts. You cannot help but to do a little shimmy in this to made the tassel move!

You will recognise this one from my last outfit post! I've been a fan of Abandon Ship Apparel for around a year now and already I own some of their tops. Quality is good, and they have a nice range of designs which are affordable at £24 for tees.

For men they come oversized, but for women I feel they are quite true to size. I prefer a more relaxed fit so went for an XS (UK8) instead of an XXS (UK6). I love wearing them tucked into something high waisted and belted and with the sleeves rolled as I'm little. Usually on my bottom half I wear my disco pants, riding pants or on warmer days, my levis. On top I love to wear my Topshop faux leather jacket as it goes well with the tops style.

Phixclothing also sell other items by Abandon Ship, they do hats, vest and leggings.

I have wanted a turtle neck style dress for awhile, I do have a plain one from Topshop, but from wearing so much black all winter I wanted some colour! So bring on this neon digital love print! I loved their bodycon skirt too, but I have so many skirts and well girls can never have enough dresses right?

It's currently a tad cold outside still, so for nights out I will add some sheer tights, cannot wait to wear this with my Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Spikes!

Look at me with more colour! I don't own much red, but from wearing my Zara dress on the weekend of valentines, I needed more in my wardrobe! (if you follow me on instagram you will know which one).

This is so wonderfully floaty and light, instantly I feel like I'm making an effort to look nice when I put this on. It's easily dressed up with disco pants, heels and gold jewellery, and can be dressed down with skinny jeans and flats.

I'm not usually a massive fan of the cut out shoulder detailing on clothes, but the light floaty fabric makes it sit just right when on. I think this item is great for all shapes and sizes, as covers the arms, top of the thighs and the top of the bum for people who are conscious. It has a fabric tie to draw attention to your waist. The neck line isn't too high or too low. Just is perfect all around really!

Oh well isn't this lovely! My favourite item of the 5, it's just me all over! It feels so silky to the touch, it's so light and can be worn from day to night!

Day look; Tucked into Levi shorts, or left out over the top of skinny jeans or riding pants. Throw on a knitted cardigan, add lots of necklaces, rings and bracelets. For shoes wear loafers, flats, boots or sandals. 

Night look; Tucked in to disco pants, smart jacket or black leather jacket on top. Simple necklace, ring and bracelets, and wear heel or boots.

Spiked Tassel Camo Jacket / Neon Noon
Ride it like you stole it tee / Abandon Ship Apparel
Zabby Digital Love Dress / Motel Rocks
Sleeveless ombre cape tunic / Fount
Kaleidoscope chain print top / Fount

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  1. that dress is amazing. Feel like a right stalker - followed u on instagram, then to YouTube and now here ! X

    1. I'm so awful at responding on here! Thank you for following me! :D xxx


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