Haul - Collective Haul of February Purchases

Regal Rose
On instagram Regal Rose said this was one of their items which was going in their sale for only £7! So I just had to have one! You couldn't pick which colour you wanted, but luckily I love this one :D Slowly building a Regal Rose collection!

I just love collar tips! But I am rather a fussy one when it comes to them, so I don't own many. Had to have these beauties though, they were an absolute steal at £1.50! They do up and undo with a screw, they are pretty heavy so I am intrigued with how they will sit on collars, something I've yet to actually try with these.

I never actually noticed that Primark has sales, their stuff is so cheap as it is, so to see a sale is even more amazing! This was only £7, I rolled up the sleeves  to show the black lining and so they sit at a three quarter length height. Eyed up one similar recently in New Look, so was happy I got one so cheap in Primark! This would look lovely over a dress on chilly spring or summer days. Cannot wait for the weather to get warmer, I have been shopping for warmer weather recently!

Thought this was so amazing for Primark! Absolutely love this print! Had seen something similar in Topshop several months ago, but I wasn't a fan of its cut out shoulders, so had to snap this up when I saw it! Careful with the buttons, I lost 3 the first time I wore it! I own so many shirts now, I think they are my wardrobe staple! I love them tucked into disco or riding pants and peaking out of a jumper added ontop. 

Thought this skirt was super cute, and the little belt that comes with it is nice too. Fit is comfortable and flattering, I'm slowly getting more skirts like this, usually I'm more of a bodycon skirt kinda gal, but I think that is changing!

American Apparel
I decided I wanted to invest in some American Apparel thigh highs as ones my friends have purchased from other places just haven't stayed up! These are so cosy and a comfortable fit, super long, coming right up to the top of my legs so I roll them down a bit. They actually stay up!! Cannot wait for it to get a bit warmer so I can wear shorts and skirts, with these socks too!

Usually I wouldn't buy something like this skirt, but I've seen so many wonderful outfits that I love on instagram that I had to get one myself! It's fit is perfect, it's shape is amazing, I cannot wait to wear it all summer with vests, crop tops, shirts, everything!

New Look
I've been looking for a denim jacket for 6 months or so, but hadn't had any luck with finding one I really liked. I decided to pop into New Look one late night shopping night after work and found this. Really light weight, thought it would be perfect to throw on for S/S. Smallest size left in store was a UK10, but I didn't mind the relaxed over sized look, I preferred that actually. At some point I would love to get a Levi jacket, until then, this is perfect.

I now have 4 turtle neck crop tops, I just love them! So flattering and I love their retro look. The fit of this is so comfortable, not too tight, but still figure hugging. I prefer the fit of this over my Topshop one I have actually.

Soooo this cute little crop top started my impulse shop at Topshop, I loved my Mickey crop top so much and this looked the same style, and I thought, well I NEED some colourful clothes as all I've been wearing recently is monochrome, and not to follow the trend, that's just what accidentally has happened.

The sleeves on this are long! Personally I like them rolled up like how I have pictured it, I love this colour too!

Worn this sooo much recently, having to be more careful with it though as I'm pulling threads already! I might possibly get this in more colours if any take my fancy, one day I hope to be able to knit one for myself!

This really surprised me, it looks so lovely on! Something that American Apparel might stock, but at a fraction of the price! I love the attention to detail, with sheer lines running across alternating with thin dark lines and white thicker lines.

I think I am all set for crop tops now, I seem to have so many in my wardrobe! It needs to get warmer so I can wear them! I got a size 8 in this as weirdly the size 6 didn't fit as comfortably and it's arms were longer?! A bit bizarre, lucky I tried on both sizes! A great staple item to any wardrobe, can be dressed up or down, and worn from day to night.

I LOVE JONI JEANS! I need to do a blog post about them! I have all the pictures done of these and the black ones on me, I will compare them against the American Apparel easy jeans as I own both, these are a great buy and cheaper than American Apparel ones, they do have their good and not so good points though, but I will go into those another time.

Simple staple skirt that every girl should have in their wardrobe, can be worn with crop tops, shirts, tee shirts, almost anything! I got mine in petite so it sat at a good length, I didn't want it too long as that might look a bit like a school skirt on me.

This has such a lovely colourful shine as it's holographic, I found that it came off really easily, chipping on the first day of wear, next time I'm definitely wearing a clear top coat over it!

(items were courtesy of loveclothing)
My second Eleven Paris tee, I love the Life Is A Joke series! I already have the Pharrel Williams one! Love the fit of these tops, they are quite long on me, so I always tuck them in to what ever I'm wearing on my bottom half. 

Bodycon skirts are my usual skirt of choice, so I had to get one too! Love the floral print, nice on the black background too. Fit of this is a little lose on me unfortunately, might get it taken in slightly so it's the preferred fit. Motel sizing is quite unusual, I've tried on dresses which I can barely get into as they are so tight, and I've worn others which look a little loose! Always try on motel rocks if you can!

I was also trying to hunt these bad boys down on ebay, so was thrilled when I was gifted these from loveclothing! They are amazing! As I said in a previous blog post I actually prefer their shape over the big lita which these are dupes of.

Not the first, and I'm sure not the last mens shirt I've got from loveclothing, I loved this as soon as I saw it! I just love the dark denim and the contrast detail of the aztec stitching. I have rolled up the sleeves as they come a little long on me. I prefer this tucked into disco pants for a more styled look. As I'm only going to wear it tucked in I will get it taken up so there is less material to have to tuck in and try and hide!

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  1. Great stuff! I really want the joni jeans!
    Great post! xxxx


  2. I got the Primark blazer! It's so useful for the days where you don't want to wear big jackets. I recently bought some H&M jeans posted on my blog that you might like - print is similar to the skirt and shirt you bought from Primark.

    Kim x

  3. I love absolutely everything here especially the mint coloured jumper! love your blog and youtube videos :) xxx

    1. Aww so glad you view my youtube and blog, means a lot! x

  4. love all the items you bought, I think I might buy the dupe litas - they look stunning! x

  5. Good choices!!! My fav is the shirt of Primark, I'll go to Primark on Saturday, I CAN'T WAIT!!


  6. did you size down on the zebra top, or just stick to your normal size?:)



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