Abandon Ship, Boys Don't Learn, Pink Hair!

Top / c/o Boys Don't Learn
Bikini Bottoms / c/o Triangl Swimwear



 Skirt / c/o Glamorous
Jewellery / c/o Black Tied
Shoes / Nelly

So you can tell these outfit pictures further down were from a little while ago as I now have pink hair! What do you think? I had pink hair last summer and loved it! This year as I sometimes wear extensions, I thought I would pink those up too so I could have mermaid hair ^_^

I love these tops from Abandon Ship and Boys Don't learn, they can be dressed up or down and are bit different to the usual printed top! Nice to wear some more Abandon Ship again, I own a few of their tees now and wanted to try out a vest. As their tops are unisex they fit over sized. I love how low the arm holes are for a subtle reveal.

How would you wear these tops?

Would you go a pastel hair colour?

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  1. Your hair looks lovely, that shade of pink is so subtle and gorgeous. I had a lot of pastel colours in my hair when I was 14 till I was 16 but it's just SO much maintenance! It was quite a process to get my hair at a white-silver base too for those sort of colours, it was fun while it lasted though. :)

  2. <3 mermaid hair! You look stunning. I love your owl tattoo :)
    Roshni’s Journey

  3. You look amazing! What did you use to dye your hair? I have white ashy hair at the moment but want to go pastel pink. X

  4. what did you use to dye your hair, I have blonde hair but really want pastel pink?!?

  5. I LOVE the boys don't learn top!! Such great looks - I'll have to check out their site :)
    Saadiya x



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