The Blogger Programme, opens today!

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The Blogger Programme is opening today to bloggers, and for bloggers it's free! Brands will be coming in next week! So this is the perfect time to sign up and get your profile all sorted so you present yourself in the best way possible to start up some exciting collaborations! Whether you blog, instagram, post on lookbook, youtube and more, it's open to all platform users and it's open worldwide!

The programme has been set up by Social Network Solutions with the aim of bringing brands and bloggers together to ease collaborations. Your profile includes what social networks you use and show cases your favourite images, clickable links to recent posts on other platforms and videos if you make those too. You will be able to enter exciting giveaways and competitions and also another feature coming soon, see what job opportunities are available with brands!

You can search for other bloggers to find like minded people, add them to your favourites so you don't loose them, favourite their images, send them messages and leave comments too.

Brands are able to filter through a huge host of bloggers to find the right ones who will work best for their campaigns. Both brands and bloggers will be able to contact each other to see if they would like to collaborate.

The site is still new and things are going to be improved, for instance a new photo uploader will be coming soon so non-square images won't be distorted. Expect a few teething problems as it's brand spanking new, but those shall be all sorted soon :)

If you want to see some videos about The Blogger Programme, view their youtube channel here

Win a goodie bag here! (Comp ends 11th November)

What's inside my goodie bag!

Iamvibes crop
Delilah Dust Necklace
Sunglasses from Red Hot Sunglasses
Stylish Life White leather notebook
Beauxoxo headchain
Lemongrass House spa item
The Natural Skincare Company Skin Toner
Coloured Contact Lenses from Coloured Contacts Hut
Studded Belt from Goddiva
Jewellery Voucher for The Bohemian Collective
Excel clothing voucher
Okika Handbag Voucher 40% off with code SNS1001 expires 30th November 2013 
Voucher for IL2L
Necklace from Loveclothing

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