Ann Summers, boost up to 2-3 cup sizes

I was thrilled when I received an email from Ann Summers asking if I wanted to style up some of their bras! I was told about these enhancing sets which claim to boost your bust up to two sizes and I was more than happy to try them out. 

I have a small bust so any help in that area is something I'm always interested in! From the age of 14 I'd always wish I'd had a larger bust, even thinking of one day having surgery. Now at the age of 24 I personally wouldn't get implants as I'm so small they would look rather silly on me, if I ever had the money though I would love the procedure where they remove fat from your body and have it put into your boobs, natural looking larger boobs would be amazing!

Now I don't have that kind of money so finding a bra to give me a boost is something I always look for.

I usually buy my bras from Calvin Klein as I find it hard to fine my size, a 30B. But those are rather expensive and I cannot always find this size online, meaning I have to try and track them down in store.

I find these bras responsibly priced, ranging from £26 to £34.

Dress / Topshop
Lipstick c/o / Limecrime "Pink Velvet"

This bra is unfortunately not made in my size, so it doesn't quite do the full effect on me.

It has detachable multiway straps which an be worn in a halterneck or cross back style. It's shape is smooth to create a silhouetted with no unwanted lumps or bumps.

Dress / American Apparel

This bra was out of stock in my size so doesn't quite do the full effect on me.

This gives a fuller appearance to the bust, I've never worn a balcony bra before! I really like this style. It features removable enhancing pads which have small soft beads inside. These also feature multiway straps.

Dress / Topshop
Dress c/o / Missguided

I love this bra! It gives a gentle squeeze and lift and really makes such a difference. Again this features removable pads containing the small soft beads and multiway straps.

I found it quite hard to find an outfit to show it off as I HARDLY own any low cut items, V-necks as I never saw any point as I lacked cleavage. Now I feel I can invest in some new items to show off the effects of these bras.

I also adore these bottoms the most, they are very classy and so so comfy.

Dress / Missguided

Oh my actual god I have cleavage. Never has happened in my life. Never had a bra do this EVER. This has got to be my favourite bra by far.

This claims to boost your bust the most, up to 3 cup sizes. It pushes your bust up and out for maximum cleavage. It features graduated pads which are part of the bra, then added are removable pads so you can control how big you wish to go. I of course kept those in!

Here are my two favourite bras on:

The touch boost and triple boost gave the best results, this will of course be because they were in my size. If you are looking for a boost to your bust why not try these on and see what you think. If you do please let me know your thoughts!

I really feel more confident when wearing these two, to some that may sound sad, but it's the truth. I feel I actually no longer need to shy away from low cut or V-neck tops. I've always felt rather insecure about my top half, but these bras make such a difference, I'm very pleasantly surprised.

A massive thank you to Ann Summer for sending me such a generous parcel of their beautiful underwear! All opinions are my own <3

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  1. I had one of the touch boost deep plunge bras but in the wrong size, it still worked quite well but I want to buy a new one in my actual size now.
    I love the look of the final set, very pretty and the results are brilliant!
    I have the extreme boost version which acts very similar to the triple boost, and love the effects of it.

    I'm glad they're venturing into 30 band bras, as they're so difficult to get... another place you should look is 'Boux Avenue', they also go down to 30 and I really like their bras, and if you can get to a store their staff are great and ever so helpful, one poor woman spent an hour with me one day.

    Ashley x

  2. i need the last set in my life. wish i had it before ready for the cny celebrations but ah wells. its cute too!

  3. those bras are gorgeous!<3

    feel free to check out my UK Fashion and Style Blog -

  4. You're so gorgeous. It's lovely to read such a positive post though and how they have boosted your confidence:)
    I'm the polar opposite, totally self-conscious of my massive bust and tiny back that makes bra shopping near to impossible and is so frustrating and gross. If only they did bra's this cute that minimised boobs...

    Love Becca xxx

  5. so pretty bras!
    Emma xx

  6. These bras are quite lovely, and just in time for valentines day outings. I'm not a fan of pushup bras as most of the ones I've tried are quite uncomfortable and when I do wear them I feel like it makes me look a lot heavier than I actually am. On the other hand you are looking gorgeous. My favorite has to be the American Apparel bodycon.


  7. you look amazing! definitely inspires me to keep trying to get the body i want :) also i love your style, you look amazing in everything! xx

  8. you might like The Little Bra Company's "Lucia" bra. they specialize in small, hard to find sizes including 30B


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