London Edge Trade show

On the 3rd Feb I attended London Edge Trade show! I went along with The Blogger Programme and Amy Valentine and got to meet so many amazing brands! I'd never been along to anything like it before so wasn't sure what to expect. There were lots of stalls with over 700 alternative brands showing, there was even four fashion shows with great music and choreography.

Quite a few brands were showing new collections which aren't released yet so I couldn't always take pictures of the stalls. Felt rather exciting getting to see an exclusive peek into what's coming out soon!

I loved the range of styles at the trade show, heavy rock to pin up. I loved discovering new brands and getting to talk to them about their products, not something you get to do every day.

I was very drawn to the Crazy Color and Manic Panic stalls! I've never used Crazy color before, but I have used Manic Panic. Their cotton candy pink was the first pink dye I'd ever used! Loved it so much, it's just hard to get here in the UK for a reasonable price unfortunately.

Iron fist's collections were amazing, so many wearable pieces and the cutest shoes!

New Rock I'd never heard of before, but their leather jackets were SO buttery soft. They are rather pricey but their look and feel is certainly of a high quality.

Other brands I met included: DisturbiaKillStarThe Oxford Bag CompanyPamela Mann Young Britannia

Watch my vlog showing my time at London Edge and the Iron Fist after party!

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  1. I would love to go to a London Edge Trade Show in the future - sounds like you had an amazing time and you've listed some wonderful brands! xx


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