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I'm so happy I found Wanderlust jewellery! Ever on the hunt for jewellery I've not seen before, I was in love with these pieces! THAT ring! It's sterling silver too which makes it even better, so no need to have to add clear nail varnish to prevent green fingers.

The necklace is so dainty and the moon gemstone and feather details are so pretty. The chain is silver plated.

The bracelet has such an amazing texture and layered look to it and fits my little wrists well. Something I often find hard, bracelets that fit me. It's £8.99 which is feel is very reasonably priced! If that was in Topshop it would be well over £10!

Their branding is so pretty and the packaging is so thoughtful with even hearts cut out of the cardboard <3 The ring came in the most magical little bag patterned with moon and stars! Perfect little thing to keep for when you need to keep your jewellery safe whilst traveling.

Which item is your favourite? Be sure to check them out and tell me what else you like from them.

Use code "LEANNE" for 10% off your order for the rest of Feb!

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  1. They're so nice! x


  2. I'm so in love with this jewellery *__* definitely need to order something really soon!

  3. Such pretty unique jewlery, love the ring x

  4. The ring is beautiful, I always find great jewellery recommendations from you!
    Roshni’s Journey

  5. The jewelry looks so pretty! :)


  6. Whoa, such beautiful rings! I love sites like this and even better the jewellery is sterling silver for once; it's difficult keeping my silver plated rings in good shape. :(

    Violet Faery

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  8. Such great pieces, really love the ring :]


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