Bloody Mary Metal Jewellery

Jewellery c/o Bloody Mary Metal

I first spotted Bloody Mary Metal first on instagram when Chris John Millington modelled some of their rings. If you don't know who Chris is, go check him out, you'll most probably recognised that beard of his!

I'm so in love with their logo, it features an anchor, a personal fave! I'm of course also in love with their jewellery, all beautifully handmade in a choice of sterling silver, gold or rose gold. All cast in those precious metals, not plated, so they won't be making your skin go green!

The first image shows my first lot of BMM, I then fell in love with some of their new pieces which are coming out this month. If you follow them on instagram you'd of also seen some of their new designs, all amazing I must say! They very kindly let me have the "Ace or swords" necklace and mega bling ring before they are made available online <3

They've recently open their store in Cornwall, so if you are local to there you must go check out all their beautiful jewellery in person! If you are local to Leeds, you're in luck, they are having a pop up shop happening 12-13th July 2014 at the Sacred Electric Tattoo. There shall be 6 tattoo artists all designing Bloody Mary Metal flash sheets to tattoo all weekend!

Fancy some Bloody Mary Metal jewellery for yourself? Use my code "BMMXLEANNE" for 20% off through out July! Also stay tuned for next week as we'll be having a giveaway together!! <3

Which item is your favourite?

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  1. Very nice jewellery*-*♥ Love that all items:) xx

  2. This is only an hour away from where i live, aha if only I had the money :(

  3. love the heart and triangle ring! x

  4. Oh my goodness~ the rings look amazing and beautiful! Can't wait to hear about the giveaway!X

    Chic Nikkie

  5. Your rings are absolutely gorgeous!

    Love Emma xx

  6. These rings are so beautiful!
    Tiana x

  7. I LOVE their bone stuff, I really want to get myself their Lonely Bone ring! So jealous of your collection.

    Rach x

  8. What a gorgeous collection, so jealous!

    Jegz xo

  9. I love bloody mary metal. their pieces are perfect!

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