Festival ready

Sunglasses / Quay Australia c/o Motel Rocks
Top / Topshop
Levi Shorts / Ebay
Rucksack c/o / Zatchels
Shoes / Dr Martens c/o Motel Rocks
Watch / Casio
Ring / Gift

This is certainly an outfit I would wear for a festival! Perhaps adding a kimono incase it's quite sunny to prevent sun burn, and also to help bring this outfit into evening when it becomes a tad cooler. Incase the weather turns bad you could also bring a mac in your rucksack so you are prepared! 

I love rucksacks for festivals! They are great to keep to you hands free so you can dance away to all your favourite bands with your hands in the air! This one is also great because there's a clasp to keep the front closed, even if that's opened there's also a drawstring which you can also tie up. Leaving you care free, not worrying about people trying to get at your goodies!

Levi shorts are almost a must have for summer let alone festivals! Ebay is a great place to find affordable ones. Lots of store even charge £30+ these days for a pair!

I'm so impressed with Quay Sunglasses! You'd know this if you follow my social platforms. I keep posting my collection. These are my favourite of the three I own so far. I love how simple yet striking they are. Also they really do black out the sunlight, the darkest sunglasses I own.

Just how amazing are those Dr Martens sandals!! And surprisingly comfy! I even wore them to work, a 35 min brisk walk and they only slightly rubbed the back.

I just looked at when I last posted an outfit! I am so sorry for my lack of posting! These few weeks have been rather busy! Although I have been shooting lots of outfits and things for my blog, it's getting the time to sit and put it all together. I'm so impressed by those who manage to blog everyday! I wish I could manage this myself!

Photos by my Dad :D

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  1. Such a cute look- everything looks beautiful (especially the bag, shorts and shoes)! I honestly envy those who can blog almost everyday with perfect pictures too!

    Chic Nikkie

  2. i would totally wear this! so cute :)

  3. I love this outfit, your shoes are adorable!
    Tiana x

  4. The colour of your backpack is gorgeous! Love your sunglasses as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  5. Love the colour of your backpack, if I wasn't so weird with mud and could actually get myself to a festival then I'd deffs take your advice. Actually I might purchase one for gigs too!


  6. Really love this festival look. I want these levi's, they look like the fit so well.
    And that backpack is so lovely.


  7. I am in love with that backpack! It would be so convenient to carry that instead of lugging around a purse! Love the shorts as well! x

  8. Those are some pretty sweet shorts.

  9. love your backpack! x

  10. This is the exact kind of outfit I would wear to a festival. Plus, I have a backpack just like that! Haha. Love it.


  11. This is really cool outfit ! I love your hair style


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