Michelle Keegan X Lipsy Collection Launch Party & Interview!

So last Wednesday I got to interview the beauty that is Michelle Keegan and chat all things fashion! 

The location was the very grand Rosewood Hotel, where I was greeted on arrival with champaign and ushered into an exclusive bloggers only corner to mingle with the other girls. I was one of the lucky 8 or so to interview the lovely Michelle, even though there were lots of other bloggers and magazines there, only us 8 got to put to her our questions!

But before we get into the interview, I wanted to share with you my favourites from her 30+ piece collection! Pricing ranges between £28 - £85 and are available to buy at Lipsy, shop the collection here!

So I asked you guys via my instagram and twitter to put to me your questions for Michelle! So with a mix of those and my own, here's the interview!

What three words would you use to best describe your collect?

Classic, elegant and tailored.

What piece are you most excited to wear yourself?

That's so hard! I like the suit, just because I love wearing suits, it's quite a classic sort of look. I have to say as well the jumpsuit, with the lace hight neck, I love that! You can wear that in the evening, at a restaurant, or in the night for a night out.

What has inspired you to get into fashion and design your own collection?

I think I've always always been interested in fashion anyway. When I was at Corrie it was quite restricted, you're not allowed to do other things on the side. So when Lipsy approached me to do the collection, I just jumped at it. Something I was always been interested in, and the fact I could design my own range is amazing!

Who are your style icons?

Has to be Victoria Beckham, just because she always looks so good, whether it's a day look or a night look she's always so preened. She doesn't wear massive bold things, never too much. She's quite minimal and that's what I like about her, she's minimalistic. 

How would you describe your fashion style?

Minimal, I like to feel comfortable. I don't like anything too low cut. I'm quite feminine, I like to wear feminine clothes.

What is your number one fashion tip?

I think just to be comfortable in what you are wearing, I think too many people tried to follow trends, and when they wear clothes they don't feel comfortable in, I think it shows. If you are comfortable in what you are wearing it portrays in how you are. Know your body as well. When you know your body shape you know what works for you and that's a really good thing to learn as well.

What are your two top holiday style essentials?

Kaftan round the pool to cover up over a bikini, and a really good sandal, a flat shoe. I can't wear heels a lot on holiday either, the heat... you sweat!

What has been your worst fashion disaster looking back?

There's been a few..There's been a lot! Probably when I wore a really bright orange coat, it was in at the time, a big fur thing, and I wore a green head band to go with it.

So there we go, 8 questions in 4mins 1sec! We then high fived!
Such a lovely lady! A massive thank you to Lipsy for this opportunity!

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  1. Wow! So jealous!

    I'm happy that you got to interview her though! I love her collection! So many beautiful pieces.


  2. Amazing opportunity and great questions! Pretty jelous! Love the collection.

    All look so beaut! <3



  3. I'm really surprised at just how nice her collection is! x

  4. She is so stunningly beautiful, definitely my girl crush! I actually love so many pieces in her collection - Lipsy aren't always up my street but her designs are so nice - will definitely be checking them out.

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  5. She is so flawless :) And I really love her collection! :)
    Muilo Burbulai

  6. Love this post and thanks so much for asking her my questions! :) x


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