A Day with Melon Lady

Faux Fur Coat, Crop Top & Belt / Topshop
Dr Denim Jeans c/o / Mercantile London through The Blogger Programme
Dr Martens / Dr Martens Store
Bag c/o Grafea
Necklace c/o / Eclectic Eccentricity 
Gold band rings c/o / Style Light
Pink stone ring / Gift

(Outfit pictures by Melon Lady, edit by me)

I wear my Dr Martens most of the time, but realised I've not done an outfit with them! I went for my classic black ones to help lengthen the look of my legs with my new super skinny AMAZING Dr Denim Jeans. BEST jeans ever, seriously! They fit how I'd always hoped American Apparel Easy Jeans would fit. They remind me of the tight perfect fit of American Apparel Disco pants, where they fit even in areas like the back of the knee <3 If you aren't a jean person usually but love tight fitting bottoms, (these aren't so tight they are restricting, they are stretchy) these will be your favourite jeans ever!

So on Saturday I met up with my friend Melon Lady! She's a fellow Blogger & Youtuber, with a rather impressive following! 

We walked around the beautiful Cathedral in Norwich, which to my surprise Melon had never been to before! We felt like we were in Hogwarts ^_^

 We went for a spot of Lunch at a lovely cafe in Norwich called Pandora's Kitchen. The cutest place! I couldn't believe I'd not been there before.

We had Earl Grey Tea and I went for a ciabatta bread with Brie, apricot and ginger and rocket. Just look at that pink goodness at the side! I think it was cabbage, it tasted amazing <3

 Another first for me was going to Lush, well I've popped in to one before, but I find the smells so strong I cannot stay in one for long enough. This time I browsed around and got a Honey Bee bath bomb and The Comforter bubble bar. Both scents aren't too strong, perfect for me!

What Lush products are your favourite? I'd love to get more!

Had such a lovely say with Melon, having to make this a regular thing <3
Check out Melon for her Blog post and Vlog of the day too!

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  1. I love your outfit! It's a lot like my style! I need that fur coat its gorg!

    Please check out my fashion blog, I'm a new blogger. -Zoe xo


  2. Love my Grafea backpack, you look gorgeous with your here hun :) xxx


  3. Lovely post! The setting for the outfit photos is amazing. And I can't believe you didn't go to lush before! I've been using some of their fresh face masks which you need to keep in the fridge and I swear, it's like a revolution on your face, ha. Regarding Dr Denim jeans - I wore them for years when I lived in Luxembourg (they used to be THE cool jeans there) until I stopped as I realized it was an absolute waste of money because they fade SO quickly - literally up to 5 washes and they look old. While they are new, they are amazing though. Perhaps the key is to wash them in cold water which makes them last a little bit longer, but nevertheless I've only had bad experiences (and all other fellow Dr Denim-ers that I know said the same) :( It's such a shame that it's so difficult to find amazing fit jeans that last for long! x


  4. I absolutely adore your backpack!
    Kathleen @ Made In The 1990's.

  5. love the backpack, need one

  6. What a gorgeous location! and you look beautiful as always xo


  7. I love your outfit photos and the photos of your day look so dainty and delicate. I've only been to lush once and I bought the bubble bar with a sugar cube in the middle of it and I still haven't got around to using it. Smells amazing though.


  8. Lovely outfit! Dr Martens are so beautiful! <3


  9. Love the fur coat x


  10. that coat!


  11. Such a lovely outfit.
    Love the fur coat with the dms.


  12. Im always walking past Pandora's Kitchen but never end up going in!

  13. Love your blog! What did you use to edit your pictures?
    They look lovely x

  14. Wow I love the outfit! Docs go with everything and the cathedral backdrop looked amazing. May i ask what type of lens do you use? The pictures are so nice!

  15. Cool outfit and nice photos too! x


  16. I adore fur coats!! Excellent collaboration with the DrMartens too!


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