Night Venus

 Jewellery c/o Night Venus

I've wanted a cute little choker for awhile now, an easy way to grunge up an outfit and I loved the cute little heart pendant. At only £3.99 you cannot go wrong really from Night Venus!

I really love layering up necklaces, so a choker helps add a quick easy layer <3

The crescent moon is so simple and hangs at the perfect length, I think it will be my most worn from my Night Venus collection.

Which is your favourite?

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  1. The one with the stone is absolutely gorgeous! The pink tones are soft and beautiful and go so well with the silver.


  2. Kind of disappointing that you're advertising a shop where many many customers haven't received their order and when trying to contact Felice, just get blocked.

    1. Oh no I didn't know this! She features a lot of her customer pictures

    2. i haven't received my order! it's been nearly a month and the status of the order says "open" and idk how to contact her... disappointing coz the jewellery is so pretty

      i'm just going to have to go through paypal to dispute it

  3. Love those necklaces! Your gorgeous girl!xo

    check out my latest ootd post

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  5. A year later and night venus is just as bad. I'd there a way to get a refund

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