Golden Stag

 Beanie & T-Shirt c/o / Stag Clothing
Boots / Topshop
Coat c/o / Choies
Bag c/o Baia
Tights / Primark
Necklace / H&M
Lipgloss / Rimmel Apocolips "Stella"

Love my new Choies coat! I've been looking for an oversized style boyfriend coat for awhile, and just fell in love with the pattern! It's so cosy warm and also it's in the sale! 

As I feel it's quite over sized I like to stick with something tight fitted on the bottom, what's tighter than a simple pair of tights! Added my trusty Topshop boots, which I've had forever and they are still available I saw on their site. I love how the heel has added some hight and keeps the look chic <3

I love this outfit as it's simple, relaxed with a street vibe from the beanie and top. 

Use code "stag10" for 10% off at Stag clothing.

Would you wear this look?

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  1. Such a lovely coat!
    And love the stag tshirt.


  2. your coats gorgeous!

  3. I love this look! So casual yet so chic :)
    Becky x
    Vintage Clothing UK

  4. love the look, the coat is amazing and love the color pallet
    xx ish

  5. I really like this look, definitely something I would wear! xx

  6. I like!! Love the coat and beanie especially xxx

  7. Really love the way your hair contrasts with this outfit, and you look great in beanies. And do I spot the bag you designed? Love it!


  8. The coat and tee are amazingggg! x

  9. This is so up my street! I'm forever in beanies and oversized coats!

    You look incredible Leanne <3

    The Fashion Rubiks x x

  10. That coat is beautiful! You have amazing hair as well. New follower on bloglovin :)

    Julia x

  11. Love the coat and the beanie!!


  12. The coat and the beanie are so nice!

  13. This outfit is so lovely, love the chic and simple stlyling and your just gorgeous are you babe!xo

  14. I would love to wear this look. Absolutely amazing and perfect for winter <3

  15. I would definitely wear this look.
    What's your real hair like before dying or extensions? It looks gorgeous now btw!

    ~Makaela at

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