Traditional Heart

Jewellery c/o Traditional Heart

I adore these pieces by Traditional Heart! If you couldn't guess, my favourite has to be the ship collar necklace! I'm a complete sucker for anything nautical. It's also nothing like any of my other jewellery, it feels so unique and special.

As usual I had to get a quartz necklace, my crystal collection is looking very healthy recently! It fits at the perfect length and the pendant is just the right size.

The last necklace are two shorter chains with pendants on, they come as one with the idea you can keep one and give one to a friend. I quite like wearing them both. They are so dainty and I adore the elephant one the most out of the two.

Which is your favourite?

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  1. love the ship & elephant necklaces!

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    1. Whoops. Having some technical difficulties here. Anyway my favorite is definitely the ship collar necklace. I've never seen anything like that before and it seems really interesting and I'm quite the fan of collars.


  3. You always have the best jewellery! Love the buddha one!xx

  4. These are all gorgeous! The elephant is without a doubt my favourite!


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