Moon of my Life

 Top c/o / Motel Rocks
Shorts c/o / Loveclothing
Bag c/o / Grafea
Belt / Topshop
Cardigan / Charity Shop
Tights / Primark
Knee High Socks / American Apparel
Shoes c/o / Mr Shoes
Lipstick / Mac "Flat out Fabulous"

 Really love wearing knee high socks over tights at the moment! It's so cosy and I feel the tights make the socks feel, erm, less sluty if that makes sense? Sometimes I think knee highs can make things look a bit, you know..?

This outfit features my new amazing Motel Rocks crop, I had to add shots of how it looked (whilst being in the comfort and warmth of indoors) without the cardi, the fit is so flattering and the back cross over straps is such a nice detail! Don't forget use my code "leannelimwalker" for 20% off (all Motel Rocks items except sale items.)

This.Bag.Is.AMAZING. Just saying. Well done Grafea!
I've seen so many people with one and I'm thrilled to say I have one now too! I opted for a white one as I'm becoming slightly in love with the beauty of minimal white accessories. (Need to find the perfect white shoes next!)
It's so sturdy and so well made. The finish it beautiful and matte, it's just a dream!

Last new item, those shoes!
Mr Shoes you have done well! They look like dupes of Windsor Smith shoes, an Australian brand with the most beautiful shoes, you must check them out if you haven't already! I'm in need of a pair of their shoes in white <3
I love their chunky gladiator style. True to size and so comfy, they are a steal at £29.99! For 20% off use code "LEANNELIM20" 

Need to be warmer? Replace the cardi for a jacket and add a scarf and you're good to go!

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  1. Ahh, love this outfit! And the post's title - a game of thrones reference? ;)

  2. You're so pretty, I'm jealous! Love the outfit!


  3. You look amazing, and so comfy! Obsessed with the Grafea bag too, in love with them!

  4. LOVE the Grafea rucksacks, the baby pink one is to die for!

    The shorts and comfy cardigan look is so great.

    Georgina at

  5. i am in LOVE with that cardigan! i love the white on white look with the bag and the cardigan. looks so clean and polished! :) xx

  6. It's a great idea to add knee high socks over tights, i'll have to try that!

    Love Emma xx

  7. the whole outfit is lovely. especially that bag!

  8. Love the sweater
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~

  9. Yay! I saw your post on instagram that this look would be on your blog later and I am definitely not disappointed. And I'm really loving the way you folded down the socks. I do agree that sometimes they can be a little too racy when just paired with shorts and the cuffing detail takes care of that quite well, and it's such a unique look I've never seen before.


  10. Ahhh love this look! So simple yet really great - that crop top and backpack must be mineee!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  11. love this, that backpack is beaut!

  12. Love this outfit. looks amazing

  13. ohh my godness you have such an awesome style! love all your clothes! <3
    Emma xx

  14. loving the back pack! love your street style.

    xx Angie|

  15. This is gorgeous, I love everything about this outfit! Your photos look amazing too, so beautiful!
    Katie x

  16. you look great in anything! This look is beaut.


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